Climate & weather

Where to from here?

The summer of 2019 - 2020 has seen the predictions made by climate scientists for the past 20 years start to bite. A 4-year drought has left farmers struggling to grow crops and feed stock right across the Hunter as well as the majority of NSW and the rest of Australia. We saw this coming and did nothing about it.

The drought has lead to enormous bush-fires. Home and lives are being lost. Firefighters constantly say that these fires are not like previous fires - bigger, hotter, faster moving. Something is different, something has changed

There is a subtle difference between weather and climate. Weather is the day to day conditions - and the waether is currently hot and dry. Climate is the large scale driver of weather - the climate of Antarctica is significantly different to the climate of Australia due to the location of the two continents on the surface of the planet. Antarctica gets sunlight at a different angle to Australia: the sunshine has to pass through more atmosphere to reach the surface of Antarctica than it does getting to Australia, so the amount of warmth in the sunshine is lower, so it is colder.

Where to from here?