Where to from here?

I am studying Environmental Science and Management at the University of Newcastle at the moment. This course is giving me some insights into what is going on with the planet, and to some degree, what to expect next. There is plenty of research going on all around the world on environmental matters - this website is by its nature just skimming the surface.

There are a number of Big Issues, and each of these pages will attempt to address one.

Energy: we love to turn on a light switch, jump in a car - how do we sustain this?
The weather: why is it so hot / dry / cold / windy - what drives this?
Climate change: is this real and is it different to the weather?
Food : as population increases, how do we feed everybody?
Extinction: we are responsible for wiping out species daily - is it a problem?
Politics: why do governments sometimes make strange decisions?
Resources: are we close to running out of natural resources?
Future-proofing: okay, so things are changing, now what?

I am looking at all of this from an Australian perspective, and with no qualifications to speak of. I am asking questions and looking for answers.