1970: Saxonvale establishes a new vineyard on the Fordwich Sill on the old Blaxland property: Fordwich. Chris Barnes is the manager and winemaker.

1970: Keith Tulloch retires; the Tulloch Company is sold to Reed Consolidated and eventually to Gilby Australia.

1970: Brokenwood established by Tony Albert, John Beeson and James Halliday.

1970: The first vintage of The Rothbury Estate, made at Tyrell's by Murray Tyrrell.

1970: Brian McGuigan, Digby Matthieson and Tim Allan buy Wyndham Estate at Dalwood from Perc McGuigan.

1970: Ian Peterson plants 15 acres of Semillon at Mount View to sell to other wine-makers

1970: David & Margaret Ellsworth plant the vineyard at Pokolbin Estate in McDonalds Road.

1970: A consortium of Sydney businessmen headed by Jock McPherson form Pokolbin Cooperative Ltd on McDonalds Road and build a winery.

1971: the first vintage of Tyrrells Vat 47 Chardonnay.

1971: The first vintage at The Rothbury Estate under Gerry Sissingh. Alain le Prince joins Rothbury.

1971: Terrace Vale Wines is formed by a consortium of friends.

1971: Ralph Fowler joins Tyrrells as a wine-maker, he spends 9 years working under Murray Tyrrell.

1971: Peter Dobinson establishes Millstone Vineyard on Lovedale Road.

1971: Ron Hansen plants Wollundry Vineyard on Palmers Lane.

1971: Harry Tulloch moves to Mount View from Hollydene and plants Mount View Estate.

1971: Quentin Taperell buys 40 hectares of land in Deasys Road and plants Shiraz, then Semillon, Traminer & Cabernet. Quentin Estate is formed.

1971: Brian McGuigan sets up a consultancy business and builds wineries for Hermitage Estate, Saxonvale and Chateau Douglas: all operational by 1974 vintage.

1972: Lance Allen has his first vintage at Tamburlaine.

1972: Saxonvale buys the old Barrie Drayton Happy Valley winery on Oakey Creek Road.

1972: Kevin and Margaret Sobels plant Denman Estate in the Upper Hunter.

1972: Murray Robson plants 2 acres of vines at Mount View.

1972: Peter Meier joins Rothbury Estate to start The Rothbury Society.

1972: Philip Morris buys Lindeman's Wines.

1973: Philip Morris sells off Lindeman's Sunshine Vineyard – prone to flooding (Who to?)

1973: Jay Tulloch becomes general manager of JY Tulloch & Sons.

1973: Alain le Prince become winemaker and general manager of Terrace Vale Wines.

1973: The Rothbury Society is set up as a direct selling venture.

1974: The new Saxonvale Winery opens at Fordwich, one of the biggest in the Hunter.

1974: Lindeman's plant a vineyard adjacent to Saxonvale at Fordwich with 350 acres including Semillon, Chardonnay, Verdelho, Cabernet and Shiraz.

1974: The new Rosemount label is established in the Upper Hunter at Denman by Bob Oakley.

1974: Kevin and Margaret Sobels complete their first Hunter Valley vintage at Muswellbrook in an un-finished winery building.

1974: Peter Meier and Lang Walker buy land on Deasys Road, establish Rothvale on part of the old Deasy's sheep property: they plant 25 acres and sell grapes to the Tyrrell's. Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz & Cabernet all planted.

1975: The release of the first wines under the Arrowfield label.

1975: Brian McGuigan buys the Hollydene vineyard and winery at Wybong.

1976: Quentin Taperell sells Quentin Estate at Peter & Robyn Marsh – they rename it Marsh Estate.

1977: Phil Ryan appointed chief winemakers at Mount Pleasant.

1978: Ed Jouault starts Allandale Wines on Lovedale Road as a contract wine-making facility.

1977: Arrowfield is the largest vineyard in production in Australia with 480 hectares.

1977: Murray Robson builds a winery at Mount View and creates The Robson Vineyard.

1977: Neil & Caroline Sutherland buy part of the old McPherson vineyard on Deasys Road, with some already established vines. Grapes go to Ed Jouault at Allandale for sale and winemaking.

1977: Ben Dawson establishes his own boutique vineyard on Allandale (Lovedale) Road.

1978: The MacDougall brothers buy a 110 acre property next to Tullochs on McDonalds Road. They relocate a derelict historic stone cottage from Belford for their cellar door.

1978: Stephen Lakes takes over running Lakes Folly, makes his first solo vintage.

1978: The MacDougall family company Stanlee buys Saxonvale; Mark Cashmore appointed wine-maker. Alisdair Sutherland joins Saxonvale.

1979: The Wyndham Estate group headed by Brian & Neil McGuigan buy Hermitage Wines, rename it Hunter Estate.

1979: Gerry Sissingh leaves Rothbury and re-joins Lindeman's. Murray Tyrrell makes the next two vintages at Rothbury Estate.

1979: Tyrrells win Gault-Millau Olympics of Wine in France – the first Australian wine to do so – with 1976 Vat 6 Pinot Noir.