1960s: Leo Buring creates 'Rhine Gold' – the first commercially successful Hunter Valley Semillon.

1961: Tyrrell's Wines introduce their Vat system of labeling wine: Vat 5, 7 & 9 are introduced.

1962: Audrey Wilkinson dies.

1962: Ray Kidd becomes MD of Lindeman's.

1962: Phillips grubs out the vines at Brokenback vineyard and returns it to pasture.

1962: Max Lake starts exploring the Hunter looking for a suitable site to plant grapes.

1963: Max Lake establishes Lakes Folly, planting Cabernet Sauvignon & Chardonnay.

1963: Tyrrell's Vat 1 Semillon is made for the first time.

1964: Jim Roberts plants Semillon at Belbourie, his sheep property at North Rothbury. He later plants Aucerot and Traminer.

1965: Phil Ryan joins Mount Pleasant as Walsh's assistant.

1967: The first Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Riesling is released.

1967: First vintage of Lakes Folly.

1967: Perc McGuigan buys Penfold's Dalwood vineyard.

1967: Frank Margan buys the de Beyers vineyard, plants Chardonnay.

1967: Ben Dawson selects the site for Hungerford Hill wines and village.

1967: A group including Brian McGuigan and John Muddle establish Richmond Grove vineyard at Sandy Hollow.

1968: Murray Tyrrell, Len Evans and a consortium of businessmen establish The Rothbury Estate.

1968: Len Evans opens a wine distribution business / bar / bistro at Bulletin Place in Sydney – this rapidly becomes a major focus for wine lovers and Hunter wine producers.

1968: The Rothbury Estate buys the Tyrrell property on Broke Road.

1968: Murray Tyrrell plants Chardonnay vines.

1968: Alan Pond buys Mistletoe Farm on Hermitage Road and plants a 40 acre vineyard, this becomes Hermitage Wines.

1969: Pacific Island trading company WR Carpenter & Co Ltd buys the old Bowman property at Jerrys Plains and plants grapes. This is to become Arrowfield Wines.

1969: Lindeman's buy the Steven vineyard on Gillards Road – 50 acres under vine.

1969: Bob Oatley buys the old Rosemount property at Denman and re-established the Rosemont brand.

1969: Braemore Vineyard on Hermitage Road planted with Semillon.

1969: Moon Mountain vineyard planted with Cabernet, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

1969: Don Francois buys a Broke Road property close to Tyrrells from the de Beyers family. He plant 6 acres with Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir.

1969: The Brokenback Vineyard close to the Broke / Hermitage Road corner becomes part of The Rothbury Estate group of vineyards.

1969: Hollydene Estate at Wybong planted, Harry Tulloch employed as wine-maker