1930: Leo Buring leaves Lindeman's to establish his own business, Leo Buring Pty Ltd as a wine merchant. He buys wine from Tullochs and Draytons and probably others for blending and sale under his own label.

1932: JY Tulloch made the inaugural president of the Pokolbin and District Agricultural Bureau.

1932: Sydney Telegraph article on how much difficulties the vignerons were having in selling their wine. 2 shillings a gallon was regarded as barely enough to keep going but current offers were closer to 1 shilling a gallon.

1932: Penfold leases the HVD vineyard, planted with Semillon and Chardonnay.

1932: The McWilliam family buy a half-share in Mount Pleasant; they retain Maurice O'Shea as manager and wine-maker.

1934: The Tulloch family consolidate their Fordwich holdings by buying up other blocks where the owners could not make a go of viticulture. Roy Tulloch's brother Jim takes over running the vineyard, adds Verdelho to the existing Trebbiano (White Shiraz), Semillon & Shiraz.

1936: Johnnie Walker established Rhinecastle Cellars in Bridge Street, Sydney – this becomes a focus for Hunter vignerons.

1938: The Company JY Tulloch & Sons is formed.

1939: Maurice O'Shea buys the Lovedale Vineyard from the Love family. He plants Semillon in 1946