1920: A lack of demand for table wines and drop of demand sees vineyards pulled out, including Rosemount at Denman.

1920: Roy Tulloch, son of John Younie Tulloch receives a land grant at Fordwich as part of the Soldier Settlement Scheme. He is one of the few settlers with vineyard experience.

1920: Penfold buys the Sparking Vale property on Lovedale Road and plants vines, first grapes in 1924 (now Tatler Wines on the same site).

1920: Trevena Vineyard planted on white sandy soil along Hermitage Road.

1920: Harold Bloomfield buys Brickman's Broke Road property and the adjoining block owned by W Lever, as well as another 135 acres.

1920s: George Phillips buys the Brokenback vineyard from Lynch, plants white grapes which he sells to Sydney wine merchant Leo Buring.

1920s: The Allandale winery closes, probably due to declining sales with the Great Depression.

1921: Maurice O'Shea buys Mount View vineyard from King and also two adjoining blocks, renames it Mount Pleasant. He then plants the Old Paddock.

1921: Murray Tyrrell born in Cessnock.

1923: Leo Buring appointed governing director at Lindeman's.

1924: Kelman's original and neglected vineyard at Kirkton is pulled out.

1927: Bloomfield sells his three properties to Mr Stevens who attempts to grow vegetables; he sells to a Mr Hipwell.

1929: Johnny Walker, a Sydney-based wine merchant makes his first trip to the Hunter to source wine for sale in Sydney. He soon establishes a rapport with Lindeman's, Tyrrell's and later Maurice O'Shea.