1880: Charles King establishes Mount View Vineyard on Marrowbone Road and plants the Old Hill vineyard.

1881: Henry Lindeman dies, succeeded by son Charles.

1882: Henry Bouffier falls from his horse on De Beyers Road and dies.

1883: Frederick Wilkinson dies.

1885: Phylloxera detected at Macarthur's vineyard at Camden, but believed to have been there for years.

1885: John Wyndham acknowledges his Dalwood vineyard has Phylloxera, but that it isn't a huge problem as his vines continue to yield good crops. (McIntyre 2012)

1885: William Drayton marries Susan Lambkin and starts the expansion of the Drayton family holdings, adding Homestead Block, Happy Valley and Crow's Nest vineyards.

1885: Dan Tyrrell takes over operations of the family winery from his father Edward.

1885: John Murray McDonald establishes a vineyard and winery called Ben Ean (Mountain of Pleasure in Gaelic) and plants vines in 1886.

1888: Carl Brecht dies, his wife and children continue the vineyard business at Rosemount.

1889: first vintage for Dan Tyrrell at Ashmans