1860s railway extended from Newcastle through Maitland north to Muswellbrook.

1860: Henry Lindeman starts to buy grapes form other growers to blend.

1860: Joseph Drayton starts producing wine at Bellevue.

1860: Carl Brecht starts buying land around Denman and begins farming, planting grapes and naming his property Rosemount.

1860s: Jeremiah Deasy given a land grant of 322 hectares in Rothbury and runs sheep but he does plant a few grapes.

1860s: vineyards now established in Lochinvar & Allandale: owned by Joseph Holmes & George Campbell.

1862: Lindeman's wine sold around the world, wins award at International Exhibition in London1863: Edward Tyrrell builds his winery at Ashmans, first vintage in 1864.

1863: Phylloxera detected in France.

1866: Alfred Wilkinson arrives in Pokolbin with his sons Frederick & John; both trained in wine in France and Germany. They establish Oakdale, then Cote d'Or, Mangerton, Maluna & Coolalta vineyards. Varieties included Shiraz, Semillon, Verdelho, Riesling and Cabernet.

1866: Bouffier family establishes a vineyard in Cessnock.

1867: Kaludah Vineyard is sold so Philobert Terrier sets up his own operation across the road at St Helena, plants an extensive vineyard. Dan Tyrrell replaces Terrier at Kaludah. Edward & Dan Tyrrell consult with Terrier.

1867: The Old Patch vineyard on Marrowbone Road was first planted with Shiraz, now owned by the Stevens family. The vineyard is still bearing in 2017.