1850: Lindeman's winery burnt down by arsonist, he rebuilds and starts again in 1853.

1850s: Gold rushes create shortages of agricultural labour in the Hunter.

1851: William Macarthur sends 8 samples of wine from Camden to London for the London Exhibition at Crystal Palace.

1851: The British colony of Victoria established.

1852: Philip George Fuchs establishes a vineyard in Maitland, but two years later he moves to Camden to work for Macarthur.

1853: Peter Crebert establishes a successful 5 acre vineyard and orchard in Mayfield.

1853: Joseph Drayton moves to the Hunter Valley – originally to Lochinvar but later buys land in Pokolbin, names it Bellevue. The property originally grew grain and raised cattle.

1853: Dr Lindeman rebuilds his winery at Cawarra, followed by his homestead build in 1855.

1853: Hunter River Railway Company was set up to build a rail line from Maitland to Newcastle.

C1854: A vineyard is established on the Glenmore property on Black Creek of John McDonald – known as the Sand Ridge. Most of the property is grazing, horses and cattle but a small section is dedicated to successfully growing wine grapes for a few years.

1855: William Macarthur attends the Paris Exhibition which features wine from Macarthur (Camden), King (Irrawang), Maria Windeyer (Tomago), Lindeman (Cawarra) and Terrier (Lochinvar). Queen Victoria visits the NSW stand and asks to taste the wines. This exhibition is the launch of the Bordeaux Classification of Growths.

1856? Telegraph line connecting Sydney with Newcastle and points between was built along the route of the Great North Road.

1857: Great Northern Railway opened between Honeysuckle Point and East Maitland, essentially to carry coal to the Port of Newcastle.

1857: George Wyndham's son John takes over management of Dalwood: wine-making now on a larger scale.

1858: Tyrrell family arrive in the Hunter Valley, Edward Tyrrell takes up 320 acres of land in Pokolbin which he names Ashmans.

1858: Lindeman exports wine to UK: Cawarra Claret.

1858: Population of Australia is 1,050,828 (aboriginal population is not included).

1859: Peter Crebert produces the first wine ever made in Newcastle from a vineyard in Mayfield.

1859: The British colony of Queensland established